Epson EX: Stylus RIP vs Birmy vs Ghostscript 
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 Epson EX: Stylus RIP vs Birmy vs Ghostscript

I bought Epson's Stylus RIP and it works great except for the bug I've found
which they are not helping me with. I've posted it here previously. When using
custom page sizes in pagemaker the RIP rotates 90 degrees. The workaround is to
use Acrobat Distiller's PPD. I'm seriously considering getting my money back
from Epson. I haven't explored Birmy or Ghostscript. Can anyone illuminate me
on the pros/conns of each. I realize the GS is shareware (I think) and the
Birmy's version for the EX is not available for 45 more days and that it'll be
level 3 which is appealing (I'm a designer). Thanks for any input. Would
appreciate a cc to my email directly. Thanks.

Sheila  Hoffman

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Tue, 27 Mar 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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