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> I've only been lurking here for a few days, so apologies in
> advance if this is off topic or a FAQ but I hope that someone
> can help...

> Many years ago I wrote a DOS report-writer program that was
> specifically for use with a HP Laserjet, and the user now
> requires the output as a postscript file.  This is straight
> (ASCII) text, no graphics, single monospaced font, so I what
> I'm looking for is a minimal PS prologue to achieve the
> necessary output.  Or a good converter, if one exists.

If you ancient app generates only plain ASCII files (with CR, LF, and FF
as the only controls), I could give you a piece of PostScript code which
emulates a "dump" line printer. It can be configured to print at any LPI
and CPI
values (and simulates monospaced printing even with non-monospaced

But if your app generates the PCL control codes by itself, it will be -
possible - a tedious task (I just emulated an old Facit hammer printer
by PostScript
code, and it took me 2 weeks of development).


Fri, 11 May 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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