I'm searching for a Postscript Guru that can... 
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 I'm searching for a Postscript Guru that can...


My former programmer has written a script that was designed to download the
user's final product design as an EPS file so that I may output it on a
laser print or imagesetter.  The EPS file contains both text and graphic
images.  The script is working and all the text is being displayed in the
proper color and has CMYK values.  However the TIFF and EPS images that have
been downloaded are being displayed in black and are not providing me with
any CMYK information even though they are being displayed in color on the
site prior to downloading.

I'm using Adobe Illustrator to view the EPS files after they have been
downloaded.  I need to have the TIFF and EPS images appear in the correct
colors after downloading so I can output them properly on the laser
printer/imagesetter.  The text is being displayed properly but the TIFF and
EPS images are not.

My website ( http://www.*-*-*.com/ ) allows a person to design, proof
and order business cards and other printed materials online.  The site is
written utilizing Perl/CGI but the actual product, when being designed by
the user, is created using ImageMagick and GhostScript.

I would like to find someone that could either solve this problem for me or
someone who would have access to an existing program that will do the trick.

Thanks for your time!

Richard Jankowski

Sun, 07 Mar 2004 03:18:05 GMT  
 I'm searching for a Postscript Guru that can...
Maybe this company can help you:

Fri, 12 Mar 2004 00:24:17 GMT  
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