Q: power mgmt operators in Apple LW630? 
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 Q: power mgmt operators in Apple LW630?

      we've had various troubles getting our LW Pro 630 to work as well
as it should. I spent some time with postscript, PPD files etc making it
hard to accidentally use the letterhead we place in the standard tray,
and ordinary paper in the optional 500 sheet bin. I've had reasonable
success with that, but one enduring problem we've had is the printer's
eagerness to jam on the letterhead. This recycled paper stock happens to
be outside the 60-90 gsm specified for the trays, but as a printer
acquaintance says "gsm is not an absolute unit". We suspect that humidity
may play a part, and have noticed that jamming is less evident
immediately after a few pages have printed. We'd like to be able to
switch off the environmental-friendly power management system and I
noticed a net-news posting on this a while ago. It may not have been
specifically about the LW630 but a related model. Can anyone tell me the
name of the magic operator - setpowercycle?

Actually this brings up the issue of how these device-specific operators
can be obtained. Some of these can be gleaned from PPD files, but issues
like power-management are not relevant to actual printing. With Apple's
proclaimed increasing product introduction rate, it is hard to rely on
ordering tech-docs from APDA, who in any case can't be making much on
them. Making them available via ftp makes them accessible to a wider
group of people who could find them useful. In this case I'm not likely
to spend $50 (approximately) getting whatever doc APDA might have in
their catalog, when it might not have what I am interested in trying out
- disabling the power cycling might not prevent our paper jams at all.

Danny Thomas

Sun, 11 Aug 1996 19:51:59 GMT  
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