Please help me understand all this 
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 Please help me understand all this

First off I'm stupid about postscript things. That having been said, perhaps
you can give me some help to change that?

My status:

I'm runing SCO Xenix with a parallel HP LJ III printer plus a few other
things. I recently purchased a PacificPage PE/XL autosensing, i960 risc driven
do everything type cartridge with 4MB of ram.  I also have 4 extra meg in the
printer itself. I figure to be well armed at the printer side.

I bought all of the postscript stuff because I'm writing a book about my
family history (genealogy) and some of the programs available to me do
wonderful charts but required PS. They work just great by simply writing the
'file' to disk and saying lp 'file'. I mention this because my lp spooler
knows from beans about postscript and I have no filters or anything like that.
The printer figures it all out as it gets data. That's exactly what I wanted
to happen.

Now, in order to learn a little more about all this printiung magic, I tried
printing Jon Monsarrat's FAQ and have nothing but trouble. The articles
published here in news bomb the printer because apparently it gets totally
confused with the autosensing as PS commands are sprinkled liberally thruout
the text. I could simply take the printer out of autosensing mode and let it
dump ascii data but that would be to easy for me. :-) This is a challenge. I
guess that is why some of us are in this game and do genealogy too.

Remember this is all at home. I wrote Jon about my problems and he suggested I
pick up the file via FTP. After learning something about the FTP
adventure I finally got the file and am now trying to deal with it.

I get various results from it. I thought hardware should be consistent but in
this case it isn't. Some printouts look very nice but stop after 10 or 15
pages. Others get monged earlier but in general, the printout I get looks very
good with different fonts etc.

My question is really why is this? Why does this thing behave erratically and
why can't I get a complete printout of the FAQ? Before I send a copy of this
to PacificPage to test their "Lifetime" support policy, I'm just trying to
inform myself a little better. The cartridge is supposed to handle Adobe Type
1 and Type 3 fonts and the Bitstream Typeface packages, whatever all that

When I look at the FAQ I see mostly jibberish (numbers). Other PS docs I have
are nicely readable and in english. Just what is the difference here? Have any
of you postscript experts printed the yourself? On what equipment?

I would appreciate any help to move me another step further on the road to



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