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 PS Broadway font (Re: Blackboard Bold font needed)


>}}One of the professors here needs a Broadway-type font similar or equal to
>}}Talaris' Blackboard Bold.  We need it either in Metafont or postscript format

>}Scott Anthony studios in San Francisco sells a 3 PS font package for
>}$35, and one of them is a broadway clone.

>    Thanks!  How can I contact them? (snail or otherwise...)  What does
>that `3' stand for, anyway?

It means the package has 3 fonts in it. Broadway, a very TALL THIN roman
font and a hairline avant-garde'ish looking font.

I searched all over and cant find the stupid package and I'm pretty
sure I just threw it out in the big clean. Try SF information (415)555-1212.
I found the packageat a B. Dalton bookstore. Your dealer should be able
to get them for you. They're listed intghe Southern Technologies catalog
(which is one of three distributors Amiga dealers buy their stuff from)

>}I have them and they're a bit rough - too rough to use IMHO, but maybe
>}you can find a size you can use. The problems I have is that there
>}are gaps in some of the letters at certai sizes. Ie, at 18 points the
>}``O'' doesnt close. SO you goto 24 and now the ``B'' doesnt close.
>}I've looked at the code and it looks ok, but ????????????

>    Anyone else have experience with this?  Better yet---has anyone been
>able to _fix_ this?

Yes, anybody ??

                   There is a place in North Ontario.

Wed, 19 May 1993 04:13:00 GMT  
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