LW630 botched manual feed 
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 LW630 botched manual feed

Is the manual-feed paper handling code botched in the LaserWriter
Pro630, or am I running afoul of postscript Level II changes?
For years, when calling for a job to use manual feed, I have
put "statusdict /manualfeed true put" into the PS code, and that
job pulled paper from the manual feed, then subsequent jobs returned
to pulling paper from the tray.  Behavior on the original LaserWriter,
LW-NTX-II, LW-IIg, etc. was that paper handling was on a per-job rather
than persistant basis.
With the LW-Pro630 however, manualfeed seems to be a global, no longer
confined to the server loop.  A manual feed job puts the printer in
a state so that all subsequent print jobs from Unix, Sun, PC, SGI and
NeXT systems, which do not usually specify any particular paper handling,
want paper fed from the manual (excuse me, Multipurpose) ramp.  This
annoys people here no end, as the following jobs are blocked waiting for
paper, so the simple job "statusdict /manualfeed false put" can not
be run until the printer is hand fed.

Is this aberrant behaviour of our printer?
Is this a gratuitous change by Apple, or is it a New! Improved!
level II feature?
Do I really have to put code in the epilogue of all print jobs to
reset to the paper tray?
Must I tell my users "Never call for manual feed from the LW630!"?

Anxiously awaiting your suggestions,
|\___/|         Ishmael J. Stefanov-Wagner
|/. .\|         Eaton-Peabody Laboratory, Boston, MA

Mon, 20 May 1996 22:37:11 GMT  
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