querying settings on QMS printer 
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 querying settings on QMS printer

We have a new QMS printer that does not have its margins set correctly
(things that print fine on our LaserWriter get their edges shaved off
on our QMS).

I saw the 'margins' & 'setmargins' commands, but being a complete
postscript novice, I don't know how to use them.

What I really could use would be a couple of little PostScript programs
that I could print, one giving me the current margins & a visual
display of where they were, and then another one that I could use to
set the margins.  With these two I could iterate until the margins were

By extension, I would like something similar that I could print that
would show me all of the various PostScript variables.

The variables that I saw in the QMS book were:
        pagecount int
        pagestackorder bool
        ramsize int
        (string) printername substring
        hardwareiomode int
        softwareiomode int
        25 sccbatch baud options
        dostartpage bool
        dosysstart bool
        allowjobreset bool
        margins top left
        defaultpaperfamily int
        defaultpapertray tray
        defaulttrayswitch bool
        defaulttimeouts job manualfeed wait

Thanks for any help,

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Wed, 19 May 1993 01:26:00 GMT  
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