Util needed to convert N 1 pg PS files into one N pg file 
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 Util needed to convert N 1 pg PS files into one N pg file

Does there exist a utility that can read in, say, 20 one page postscript files
and create a single file of 20 pages?  Please respond by email.  Thanks.


Wed, 21 Feb 1996 04:10:39 GMT  
 Util needed to convert N 1 pg PS files into one N pg file

I've used the PS code wrapper below to wrap distinct PostScript files such that
they can be concatenated with others similarly wrapped into a single job, e.g.
for performing N-up on multiple independently-generated PS files.  Perhaps this
is enough to get you going.  It should be relatively easy to build a simple
Unix shell script to do the right thing.

%Begin encapsulated job
mark  % Leave mark on top of stack as a backstop to emul stackunderflow
count dup 1 add 1 roll      % Put current stackcount on bottom of stack
% Operand    Stack:  stacksize-1 ... saveobject dictstacksize mark
% Dictionary Stack:  systemdict userdict ...




% Restore operand and dictionary stacks to state before file was run
count 1 sub dup 2 add -1 roll sub {pop} repeat
pop % should be mark!
countdictstack exch sub {end} repeat
%End encapsulated job

..Don Markuson

Tue, 27 Feb 1996 06:17:34 GMT  
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