GS drivers for Epson Stylus 640 - disappointing 
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 GS drivers for Epson Stylus 640 - disappointing

> >>> My experience with the Ghostscript drivers (described below)
> >>> for Epson Stylus Color printers is a bit disappointing.
> >>> ...
> >In the meantime, additional suggestins are of course welcome.

>Read Devices.htm (or devices.txt) in the ghostscript documentation.

>Bob T.

I have done this, believe me.
Each time I find an additional piece of information,
I look again at Devices.htm
to see if I find some clue that I did not fully understand before.
From helping other people with their problems,
I know that it often takes some experience with the subject
before you find the crucial piece of information.

Thanks for your reply.
But at this point, only more specific suggestions,
like the ones I got before, will help.

- Hans Koch

Sun, 02 Sep 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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