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 Conversion to Illustrator

Hi folks,

I routinely have to bring in eps's from multiple platforms to be placed in
Quark 3.31r5 on the mac. For the most part, epsConverter (can't remember
the vendor) does the trick pretty well. I convert them, open them in
Illustrator 5.5, check them for miscellaneous stuff, save them as
Illustrator eps's and everything is OK.

On occasion, though, epsConverter just hangs (usually with CorelDraw
eps's). I have no control at this point over how those eps's are created
or I would try to solve the problem on the front end. My workaround has
been to Acrobat 1.0 Distill the eps, open the PDF file in Illustrator,
clean it up (remove portrait page setup masks and the like, usually) and
resave it as an eps. While this works 95%of the time, I'd like to spend a
little less time tweaking the files.

Any advice?



Wed, 08 Oct 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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