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 GS View FIND question...

I'm using GS View for windows 3.1 to open a 1100 page postscript file.
I would like to use the 'find' utility to locate names and numbers and
have had success with both methods (pstotext normal and pstotext
disabled).  I've found the searches much faster with pstotext on, but
it takes almost an hour of pre-processing time.  I was thinking of
compiling pstotext on the Sun we have here, and running the postscript
file through pstotext there before putting it on the PC.  However, I
would like to know if 'find' automatically extracts text the first
time it is selected, even if an extracted text file already exists.
For example, can I create an extracted text file on the Sun, send it
to the PC, bring up GS view with the postscript file, and then use
'find' and have it use the extracted text file I created?
Any help would be appreciated.

        Adem Hamidovic

Mon, 21 Jun 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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