Postscript for perspective views of simple 3-D objects 
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 Postscript for perspective views of simple 3-D objects

I am interested in whether anybody has come up with a way (C program or
postscript code) to produce a Postscript description of any specified view of
a collection of simple 3-D objects.  The kind of thing I have in mind is, for
example, a set of (possibly intersecting) spheres of different sizes to
represent the atoms in a molecule, or alternative representation of the same
system using a set of spheres connected by cylindrical rods to represent
chemical bonds.  I don't care (yet) about color or shading, I just need a way
to draw the outlines of all objects (and their intersections) as seen from a
specified point in space (and probably projected onto a specified view plane).
The big problems are (I think) the removal of hidden outlines and the
identification and drawing of curves of intersection.  Any insight via E-mail
or post would be appreciated.

Eric Henry

Sat, 22 Apr 1995 21:58:18 GMT  
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