Needed: font with IBM line-drawing characters 
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 Needed: font with IBM line-drawing characters

I need a font having the following features:

     i.   Public Domain
     ii.  monspaced (i.e. fixed width)
     iii. Adobe Type 1
     iv.  contains IBM's line-drawing character set (e.g. char
          218 is upper-left corner; char 197 is intersection;
          char 193 is inverted "T", etc.)

If you know of such a font, particularly if it is available by
anonymous FTP, please reply directly to this mailgroup or to one
of my email addresses below.

Many thanks.

Simon Fraser University   |
Burnaby, B.C.             |  fax:                           (604)-291-4455
Canada V5A 1S6            |  voice (Dept. of Phil. at SFU): (604)-291-3343

Thu, 17 Aug 1995 05:13:59 GMT  
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