on the fly postscript file modification ? 
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 on the fly postscript file modification ?

Newbye question,

I receive postscript files I need print on xerox color laser machine.
Used Rip is Fiery.
Postscript files was generated with the option custom page size (with
Unfortunately,  due to this custom option, the rip stop the print
process and ask to put manually the paper into the printer.
A3 or A4 designed postscript files are normally proceed and does not
need any manual operation.

I compared both files (the custom and the A3) and found lines which
defined the used paper size:
% found on the A3 files
[statusdict begin{
  userdict /XJXsetpagesize known
    { (A3) XJXsetpagesize } if

}stopped end cleartomark

%found on the custom paper size files
[statusdict begin{
708 892 0 0 1
  /XJXsetpagesize where { pop XJXsetpagesize } if

}stopped end cleartomark

If I replace manually the "custom paper size" commands by the "A3 paper
size command", the printing process is ok (printed directly on A3).

But file modifications are not easy, this would be  much more easier to
add some postscript commands either into the postscript file prolog or
at the file end into the trailer. In fact I made the tests and put the
A3 pagesize definition at the beginning and the end of a custom designed
file, but this has no effect :-(

So if anybody has  ideas how to deal with such problem, I would be glad
to hear them !
By the way, If postscript experts could explain what means the above
postscript command ?



Tue, 11 Jan 2005 20:05:59 GMT  
 on the fly postscript file modification ?
Try inserting

userdict /XJXsetpagesize undef

immediately after the header. If you don't care about
DSC conformance you can append your file to

userdict /XJXsetpagesize undef


Your PostScript expert is just a click away.

Tue, 11 Jan 2005 21:10:15 GMT  
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