complex formatting examples? 
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 complex formatting examples?

I'm working on putting together a reasonably {*filter*} page design that
adjusts itself to paper size. The postscript will have most of the
layout decisions, but I'm running into problems because of different
levels in the output. I have a top-level (per page) layout that
takes 3 strings, a first page header routine, and routine that
creates the equivalent of a paragraph.
The per-page routine is capable of sizing itself to the sheet
and setting up variables so the rest can format themselves
My main problem is introducing page breaks, the input to each
`paragraph' consists of header information followed by contents
that is divided into `phrases' for getting correct line break
What I want is to break a paragraph at the bottom of the page,
possibly adding "(continued next page) show", start a new page
with the top-level information then do the rest of the paragraph
with header information, once again "(continued) show" followed
by the rest of the paragraph.
Any pointers, examples, or suggestions? Nothing is set in stone
yet, I can alter the data being output from the main program into
order required to make this work and in any format, but the low
level formatting descisions have to be handled in postscript.


Sat, 12 Jun 2004 02:47:43 GMT  
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