Sample PS files wanted, are there any archived? 
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 Sample PS files wanted, are there any archived?

I'm trying to assemble a suite of interesting postscript files
generated by various UNIX/Mac/PC applications and PostScript
programmers that will test as many PostScript features as possible.

Are there any archive sites, besides Adobe, that have a PostScript

Would someone please send me a couple application-generated PS
files?  I tried the <command>-F Mac hack to generate PS files, but it
didn't work.  I'd like sample MacWrite, MacDraw, Illustrator output.

Of course, any neato-keen files you've got would be appreciated, too.
GhostScript has a few interesting test files included.

Of particular value to me are files that "separate the men from the
boys".  Anything that would help weed-out a marginal, buggy, or
incompatible interpreter would be great.

Wed, 17 Feb 1993 19:36:00 GMT  
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