GS 2.6.1 driver for Epson Stylus Color Inkjet 
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 GS 2.6.1 driver for Epson Stylus Color Inkjet

I just purchased an Epson Stylus: $529 720dpi color/black inkjet printer
I have connected it to both a Mac (serial) (software on Epson BBS
310-782-4531) and a
486 (parallel) running Linux.  GS ecsp2 works for black and white and
epsonc works OK
for color.  I am using the Mac for 720 dpi blow your mind color on
special paper and
UNIX for 360 dpi color/black on plain paper (better than HP).

I'd like a Stylus specific driver and examples of printcaps with GS

PS. Please email too.

Mon, 28 Apr 1997 22:11:33 GMT  
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