dvips to include MacDraw 1.9.5 figures into latex docs ?? 
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 dvips to include MacDraw 1.9.5 figures into latex docs ??

Has anyone out there tried including MacDraw 1.9.5 (laseprep #68) figures into
{*filter*}documents (TeX 2.991 &{*filter*}2.09) using dvips (Tom Rokicki's version) ?
I also value any opinions/experiences that you had with this program when
including all kinds of non-EPSF figures/charts/...etc.. into a{*filter*}doc.
I've a Laserwriter-plus running version 38.0 of postscript.

Any pointers/advice much appreciated.

Eric Ho  
Princeton University

Wed, 19 May 1993 02:54:00 GMT  
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