Endless copies printed from printing a single copy 
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 Endless copies printed from printing a single copy

OK, this is a weird problem.  I am running linux, and have been
routinely been printing from wordperfect 7 to my BJC-600 by printing
with a postscript printer driver that comes with WP (e.g. Apple
Laserwriter, but I also used others) and then have my print filter (I
use apsfilter) recognize the PS output and fee it through ghostscript.
I have ghostcript 5.03, which I got as a contib RPM.  THings were
working fine till one day I had to send out a bunch of letter each with
a different salutation, so I was editing, printing, editing, printing,
etc.  Now, this problem came up:  WHen I print, things print fine, but
then I get a page saying "Error:/rangecheck in .installpagedvice", the
Operand stack, the Dictionary stack, and then the current file position,
which is after the EOF line.  And then, get this, it starts all over
again -- reprints the file, reprints the error message, and on an on.  

I tried printing this to a file, and then printing it from ghostview.
Same thing!  Rpinting through ghostscript is fine from other appliations
(i.e. from netscape).  So I suppose one would just be saying this is a
WP printer driver problem.  However, it was not happening before.  And
also, if it is a driver problem, is there something in the error message
that may point out what the problem may be?

Thanks in advance

Jon SUndquist

summaires of solutions to the NG).

Mon, 25 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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