PS to PDF distilling via Ghostscript is SLOW.... 
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 PS to PDF distilling via Ghostscript is SLOW....


>> Is there any reason why distilling using Ghostscript and
>> the pdfwrite device should be extremely slow?

>> Same file on same machine distills using Acrobat distiller
>> in about 2.5 minutes. Using Ghostscript, it takes about an hour.

>> File generated with Word 97.
>> Running on Pentium NT.
>> Ghostscript 5.10
>How big was the file? Ratio/complexity of text/graphics?
>I used ps2pdf and was reasonably satisfied with the speed:
>4 pages text & line drawings (PICT)
>file saved in MS Word 4
>Mac LC3
>GS 5.10
>about 2 minutes

That's slow as molasses, unless those picts are really enormous.


Sun, 03 Dec 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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