Resetting memory on Apple LaserWriter-IINTX 
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 Resetting memory on Apple LaserWriter-IINTX


I'm trying to use an Apple Laserwriter-IINTX for both Interleaf & SunTrac.
The problem I'm running into is that everytime an Interleaf job is printed,
it leaves some memory resident program around that makes my SunTrac jobs die.
The error I get is 'dictfull'

I was wandering if I could either:
 1. Exit the Interleaf program in memory after the job is completed, or
 2. Reset the printer's memory after an interleaf job.

Option #2 is the one I'd prefer, but evidently it's not too easy to do.
I've written some code to do this on a LaserJet, but have no idea how to do
it on a postscript printer.  I believe there may be some Apple specific
functions to accomplish this.  If you could help, I'd much appreciate it.


Steve Fulling
Unify Corporation, Sacramento, CA

Wed, 19 May 1993 06:12:20 GMT  
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