Questions about BROTHER HL-8 and fonts/memory/postscript etc. 
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 Questions about BROTHER HL-8 and fonts/memory/postscript etc.

I've just bought a BROTHER HL-8 laser printer secondhand and I have a few  
questions about it.

I have noticed that it bears remarkable similarity to the HP Laserjet I printer
and that it has two slots beneath the paper tray.

As the printer can emulate the HP Laserjet +, am I correct in assuming that
the slots will take normal HP font cartridges (or indeed the postscript one) ?

If not, will any other manufacturers cartridges work ?

Next question, It has 1/2 meg memory - can I up that to at least a meg (either
with a kit - or a soldering iron and a handful of chips ?)

Finally - sometimes after power on, it display the emulation type and ram size
etc but then stays permanently in the WAIT state - as if were still warming up.
Any ideas why ?

Thanx in advance


Sun, 12 Sep 1993 21:34:11 GMT  
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