Fix: AN: PostScript full alpha transparency (!) ... 
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 Fix: AN: PostScript full alpha transparency (!) ...


But there are some things to fix:

(a) There's a residual, uncommented "uppercase D" somewhere in the
middle of font definitions (I'm not so sure this error is really
present in the file, because I have problems with a caching proxy, and
this may be caused by it);

(b) hbits need to be increased (400 works) for the example to work
as-is, otherwise I get a "rangecheck in repeat" (GS5.5/Win);

and most important
(c) The 'pop' at the end of 'makestring' should be a 'closefile' (the
filtered file created there is not closed, and I get a black bitmap in

Mon, 08 Mar 2004 17:47:22 GMT  
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