ONE PS and ONE PDF Question. 
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 ONE PS and ONE PDF Question.

First the pdf question:

I have CMYK Tiffs that I place in CorelDraw to then
apply vector elements. These ads are then exported as eps
file to later be placed in Pagemaker and then assembled
to a small magazine.
Now I would also like to publish this mag in pdf format.
What happens is the following:
- Text elements in the eps files that have an outline
look like the outline is a little bit offset from the actual
characters. It looks like an offset print that doesn`t fit
- All CMYK Tiffs that are embedded in the eps files
turn out to be 8-bit Grayscale in the pdf file. All other
elements (corel vector objects) in the same eps file are in color.

Is there a fix for this ??

Now the ps question:

I sometimes get postscript files to output which are already
four color separated (cmyk).
I accidentally one film gets damaged I have to send the whole
job again.
Is there any small bit of code that lets me just output one
film again ??

Thanks in advance

If you don`t mind please email me directly !

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Sun, 20 Dec 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
 ONE PS and ONE PDF Question.


>First the pdf question:

>- Text elements in the eps files that have an outline
>look like the outline is a little bit offset from the actual
>characters. It looks like an offset print that doesn`t fit

PDF has the ability to render text with a fill-plus-stroke mode that
PostScript doesn't have.  [Some] existing versions the Acrobat reader seem to
have difficulting rendering this accurately.  PDF renders (such as Jaws...)
that include a complete PS interpreter should not have any problems, and I
would hope that future versions of Acrobat reader don't either.

I haven't investigated this problem in depth, and don't know if it applies to
all platforms.  Just guessing here, but I suspect it may be something to do
with the contortions Acrobat has to perform on PC and Mac platforms to do all
the text rendering stuff....

The workaround for this appears to be to generate the PDF file by first
generating a PS file and then running it through Distiller (which eschews the
fanct text rendering modes), rather than using PDFwriter as (guessing again) I
presume you are using at the moment.

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Tue, 22 Dec 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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