AN: PDF2BMP pdf doirect bmp generator upgrade 
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 AN: PDF2BMP pdf doirect bmp generator upgrade

Added several new features to our PDF to BMP converters.

These include dozens of precision microfonts, individual character
kerning, line drawing and filling algorithms, full arc capabilities, and
the ability to write virtually any math function to an existing or new
bmp image.

See http://www.*-*-*.com/

Further help available per http://www.*-*-*.com/
Many thanks,

Don Lancaster
Synergetics   3860 West First Street  Box 809  Thatcher, AZ 85552

Please visit my GURU's LAIR web site at http://www.*-*-*.com/

Sun, 07 Mar 2004 00:23:06 GMT  
 AN: PDF2BMP pdf doirect bmp generator upgrade
If you just want to convert various image formats into PDF, why not use
ImageMagick? It can be found at and it supports
both Unix, Linux and Windows platforms?


Sun, 07 Mar 2004 03:39:59 GMT  
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