color PS "test sheet" wanted 
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 color PS "test sheet" wanted

Hi.  I need to do a rough color calibration of a color PS printer.  I'd like
to have a PS "test sheet" that I can send to the printer that will help me
determine if the correct colors are being generated.  I have in mind a PS
program that might include color ramps, a color circle, resolution bars,
etc.  Surely someone else must have done something like this.  If you have,
and you wouldn't mind sharing it with me, I'd really appreciate it.  So far,
I've not been able to locate anything via anonymous FTP or through the Adobe
File Server.  Unless someone specifically requests it, I'll post whatever I

Thanks very much.  -Wilson
W. A. Harvey            School of Computer Science

412-268-7552            Pittsburgh, PA  15213-3890      

Fri, 22 Jul 1994 12:27:53 GMT  
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