IBM PC Extended Chars. Font 
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 IBM PC Extended Chars. Font

Hi.  Does anyone know of a downloadable postscript font that contains
the characters in the IBM PC extended character set (i.e. ASCII 128+)?
A friend of mine where I work wishes to make use of them in some
documentation that he's doing (using a simple text editor on a PC attached
to a NEC LC890 printer).  Thanks...

Joseph Coulson  UUCP:  <backbones>!{iuvax,pur-ee,uunet}!bsu-cs!coulson

Wed, 19 May 1993 01:22:00 GMT  
 IBM PC Extended Chars. Font


>Hi.  Does anyone know of a downloadable PostScript font that contains
>the characters in the IBM PC extended character set (i.e. ASCII 128+)?

There are a three ways that I can think of to get these characters:
1) Adobe sells several font packages which contain these characters as part
   of the character set.  Prestige-Elite is one example.  You will need to
   understand how to re-encode a font or have software that does this to
   be able to access these characters.

2) Several software packages define a character set like this in their
   prolog.  Microsoft Word for the PC is an example; their linedraw font
   can be stripped out and used for this purpose with some modification.
   (This probably isn't legal for commercial software.)

3) Write your own.  The code isn't that big, but it is not a great deal of
   fun to develop.  This is probably the best alternative for commercial
   software, as one cannot depend on the user to have a font containing
   these characters.

Hope this helps.

Ross Jeynes              

Adobe Systems Incorporated                 {sun|decwrl}!adobe!jeynes

Wed, 19 May 1993 20:46:00 GMT  
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