Psroff 2.0 sources posted to alt.sources. 
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 Psroff 2.0 sources posted to alt.sources.

I've just posted the 16 parts of Psroff 2.0 to alt.sources.
Psroff allows you to use old troff (aka CAT troff, aka "the original
troff") with HP Laserjet printers, postscript printers and whatever
ditroff filters you can find (including, for example, jetroff,
xtroff (X windows previewer), xproof (DMD 5620 previewer),
psdit, tpscript etc. etc. etc.).  There's even parts of ditroff
drawing command emulation and psfig support.

I finally gave up on c.s.u and c.s.m.

Psroff 2.0 was previously only available via ftp from a couple of
sites.  The sources I've posted are at patch level 5 compared to that.
(Patches 1 thru 4 were posted on the net).  If you had the ftp version
and want to upgrade to the posted one, I'll send you patch 5 if you
send me mail.

Chris Lewis, Phone: TBA
UUCP: uunet!utai!lsuc!ecicrl!clewis

Wed, 05 May 1993 13:07:19 GMT  
 Psroff 2.0 sources posted to alt.sources.
For those who don't get alt, psroff patches 4 and 5 are also available
by anon. ftp from in pub/psroff.patch[45].Z.

Sun, 09 May 1993 16:59:17 GMT  
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