Psroff 2.0 FTP Access 
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 Psroff 2.0 FTP Access

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I keep getting asked, so I thought I'd post the following anon FTP
access points for Psroff 2.0:

Psroff 2.0 patched at level 5 (alt.sources release on Nov 16):
        - ( as anonymous,
          (only between 6pm & 6am EST)
          use your email addr for the password
          file pub/psroff.20.pl5.tar.Z
          Courtesy Brendan Kehoe (!brendan)
Psroff 2.0 original plus patches 1 thru 5:
        - as anonymous,
          file pub/psroff.tar.Z and pub/psroff.patch[1-5].Z,

Unsure whether this is current w.r.t. patches:
        - ( as anonymous,
          file /pub/misc/psroff-2.0.tar.Z,

I cannot, repeat CANNOT, honour any requests for mailing the psroff
sources directly to people.  It's too expensive for me to mail it.
You have to either get it via FTP or I would suggest posting locally
to see if anybody else has it near you.

If anybody else has psroff 2.0 set up in FTP or email accessible
archives, please let me know so that I can extend this list.
Chris Lewis, Phone: (613) 832-0541
UUCP: uunet!utai!lsuc!ecicrl!clewis

Mon, 10 May 1993 12:20:21 GMT  
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