redirecting non-PS to a file 
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 redirecting non-PS to a file

Please direct me to a different newsgroup (comp.pc.??) if this isn't
the place for this Q.

I'm using a DOS program that expects to print directly to a dinky
parallel printer of some sort. The computer is on a Novell network
with an HPIIIsi in PS mode, so I can't print anything.

What I would like to do is redirect the output (from lpt1 or lpt2) to
a file so I could use some other utility to print it to the HPIIIsi or
transport by floppy to some other place.

Tech support at the software place thought there was a utility
something like "lprx" or "lpxr" to do this.

archie inundated me with lpr* items. Does anybody out there know
_where_ to get the _right_ thing?

Any other suggested solutions to this problem? Switching the HP to
something other than PS is out (the secretaries would kill me).

Thanks in advance.

Thu, 09 Feb 1995 08:55:52 GMT  
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