Drivers for Epson Stylus Color (ghostscript)? 
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 Drivers for Epson Stylus Color (ghostscript)?

 Hi all,

 Can anyone tell me how well the ESCP2 driver works with an Epson
 Stylus Color printer?

 Specifically, I need to know if it supports the 720x720 DPI color mode.

 Thanks in advance.

 Richard Hodges

 P.S. Anyone looking at color inkjet printers should take a look at the
      Epson Stylus Color. The sample printout I saw at CompUSA looked
      incredible. Much better image -- near photo realism -- than any
      of the other ink printers. I'd say its better than many of the
      color laser printers I've seen.

      Now, if I could just find out if it will actually work...  :-)

Thu, 10 Apr 1997 00:16:48 GMT  
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