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Please pardon me if this is a terribly novice sort of question, but is  
there any easy way to generate the code for a bitmapped font?  Yes, I
have the Blue Book and have been through Program 21 until I am quite Blue
myself, but it just seems like a whole lot of hassle to generate the hex
for an entire font.  

I'm not posting this without first having tried some things on my own.  
I have typed in all of the Adobe code, and have generated my characters
from the bitmap editor in X11r3.  After that, it was a matter of writing
a piece of C that takes the .xbm format and filters it into the pattern  
needed for a bitmap definition in postscript, but it is rather time  
consuming going through all of this for a font that is rather grainy
even still.  (I am planning on upping the number of bits per character
when I get around to it.)  

What I would really like to know is what other methods of generating a
bitmap font are there?  Is there some piece of shareware off in netland
that will make this so much easier I'll have a font that really looks
like my handwriting (hand printing, really) in no time at all?

Any reasonable suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Sean Welch

(posted from the account of a generous friend)

Wed, 19 May 1993 05:31:00 GMT  
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