--- copying a PostSctipt file with the DOS COPY command 
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 --- copying a PostSctipt file with the DOS COPY command

     I have a three year old P-120 running W-95.  On it I have written a Basic
program to generate a postscript (PS) file.  When the program is finished, I
use the DOS COPY command to copy the PS file to my HP 4+ (with PS).  It works
just fine.
     I just purchased a new Compaq P-333 running W-95.  I run the same program,
generate the same PS file, but the DOS COPY command causes a memory protection
fault.  Huh???
     If I use GhostScript as in intermediary and tell GS that the output
printer is a PS printer, GS copies the file just fine.  It's just the DOS COPY
command that doesn't want to work.
     If I use the COPY command to copy anything other than a PS file, it works
just fine.
     Anyone got any ideas what's wrong?????

Steve Baxter

Fri, 20 Oct 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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