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 HP JetDirect for Unix

|> I just got a Hewlett Packard Laserjet 4M (8ppm, postscript, 6mb,
|> serial/parallel/Appletalk) and am considering getting the Unix
|> Ethernet interface.  Has anyone any experience with this critter?
|> It's advertised as being supported on Suns and HPUX, but my Sun is a
|> 386i so I expect that it's too old to be officially supported (it
|> runs SunOS 4.0.2).

I have been using Jet-Direct for connections both to a LaserJet-II and a
PaintJet-300XL.  The scripts and other things that HP provides have been
more than adequate for my needs.  In browsing over the filesets, It looks
like they even give you enough to 'roll-your-own' if need be.

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Wed, 09 Aug 1995 04:51:59 GMT  
 HP JetDirect for Unix


>I just got a Hewlett Packard Laserjet 4M (8ppm, PostScript, 6mb,
>serial/parallel/Appletalk) and am considering getting the Unix
>Ethernet interface.  Has anyone any experience with this critter?

I installed a JetDirect card in our LJ4 a couple of weeks ago.
I haven't messed around with it much yet, but can answer some of
your questions.

Source code is included with the SunOS software package.  Included in
this (commercially available for a sum of money) source code is the
following helpful statement:

 * (c) Copyright 1992 Hewlett-Packard Company.  All Rights Reserved.
 * This source is for demonstration purposes only.
 * Since this source has not been debugged for all situations, it will not be
 * supported by Hewlett-Packard in any manner.

The setup involves using a Sun machine as the spooler, and running the
software on the spool machine as a filter.  The filter appears to just
open a socket to communicate with the JetDirect card, and write any
data received by the lpr FIFO to that socket.  At first glance, I don't
see any protocols used other than just writing to the socket (except for
the printer initialization...).

The simplest setup involves creating separate print queues for the
PostScript and non-PostScript (text, HP-PCL, HP-GL) jobs.

So far, in the minimal amount of time I've spent on it, I haven't been
able to get any of the other filters (primarily lprps) working with the
JetDirect card.  On our serially-connected PostScript printer, we're
using dvitps piped to lprps as the DVI filter, but lprps uses some
ioctl() calls that are specific to serial ports, and don't work on the
network connection.

The software we have installed specifies SunOS 4.1.1, and the binaries
are for SPARC machines.  A competent HP vendor or sales rep would be
able to tell you whether it actually requires 4.1.1, or can be used
under 4.0.3.
Bryan Curnutt                                  Stoner Associates, Inc.

Wed, 09 Aug 1995 07:36:04 GMT  
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