Problems with GVPM.EXE and/or GSOS2.EXE 
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 Problems with GVPM.EXE and/or GSOS2.EXE

I am encountering some very puzzling behavior by the programs
GVPM.EXE 1995-05-23 1.3 and GSOS2.EXE 1995-9-27 3.51 (Ghostscript for OS/2).
When I first started using them, GVPM.EXE would get an immediate error exit from
GSOS2.EXE. I solved that problem by replacing my RAMs (even though that was the
only application that did not work). Now I have a problem that does not appear to
me as a hardware problem, and I wonder if anyone can give me some advice: After
booting, the two programs work fine. However, after a  certain amount of time
(say, half a day) they stop working (the GSOS2.EXE window shows the line
"Displaying <file name>" without the continuation

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while the GVPM.EXE window displays the clock symbol



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Tue, 18 Aug 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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