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 LPT1: Capture Program

I recently purchased a VariTyper VT600 Plus Laser printer.  This printer  only
knows  postscript.   Some  of  the  software  that  I  have  does  not  output
PostScript.  This software does output to an Epson FX-85.   I  have  an  Epson
FX-85.   I  would  like  to  sell the Epson FX-85 someday soon.  I also have a
program that will convert Epson to PostScript.  This solves a few problems.

Now for the real problem.

Some of the software (like Print Shop) outputs directly to  the  printer.   It
does not allow the user to specify a file instead.

Now for the question of the hour.

Is there a program that will allow a user to redirect output from  LTP1  to  a
file?  The program MUST be memory resident, since I cannot call it from inside
other programs.  I do not care if it is  Public  Domain  or  Commerical  since
money is not an issue.  (After all I spent $15,000 for the printer.  [Actually
I spent $29,000.  I bought two of them and they gave me a discount.] ;-)

It it is Public Domain, send it to me.  Please do not  tell  me  that  it  was
posted  x  number  of [days|weeks|months] ago.  Since I am asking for it, I do
not have it.  I may have seen it, but I did not want it  at  the  time,  so  I
ignored  it.   If  it  is Commerical, send me the program name and the company
that sells it.  I am particularily interested in anyone's personal experiences
with regards to this type of product.

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Post Script (PS):

I am not looking for any comments about how I should  have  bought  a  printer
that  emulates  other printers besides PostScript.  This device is a 600 x 600
D.P.I. High Quality Laser Printer.  And from the research that was done, there
are  no  printers  in  this  class  that  output  PostScript AND emulate other

Thu, 17 Sep 1992 13:32:00 GMT  
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