html2ps, tables and page breaks 
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 html2ps, tables and page breaks

I am using html2ps to convert many html files to postscript.  The html
files each have a table at the end of it that can be large (> 50 rows).
The problem with html2ps is that it will scale the table to fit one
page.  If the table is large then the table is unreadable.  I have tried
to induce page breaks as stated in the html2ps documentation but none of
the 3 suggested methods seem to work.  I tried "closing" the table after
a few rows, insert the page break code (in html), open the table and
continue with more rows, close it, insert page break code, etc.  This
resulted in the different pages of the table being overlaid on each
other and printing on one page.  What am I doing wrong and/or what do
I need to do to get the page breaks to work?

Note that this is part of an automated system that produces the html
files, converts them to PostScript and then prints them.  I want to
avoid any human intervention if at all possible.

I have looked at using Netscape to do this but we have specific
requirements for upper and lower margins.  I was unable to find a way to
set them in Netscape.  If there is a way to set them, please let me

Any help would be appreciated.


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Sun, 30 Sep 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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