Spice to schematic generator wanted 
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 Spice to schematic generator wanted

   Does anyone know of a tool to convert spice deck files into
schematic (gate or transistor) level diagrams (suitable for printing
preferably) ?
   How about a tool to convert the ISCAS85 benchmarks formats provided
by mcnc.mcnc.org into schematic representations ?

   One more (this ones a long shot). As anyone would know who has used
magic to do extractions (:extract and :extresis), the ext2sim and ext2spice
tools 'flatten' the hierarchy that is carefully maintained in the .ext
files. I realize that :extresis needs the .sim and .nodes files lumped
resistances to redo the net resistances. Once ext2sim is run, the cell
hierarchy is flattened (and the hierarchy information lost). Ideally,
an automatically generated spice file that possessed .SUBCKTs definitions
for each cell extracted in magic would be wonderful. Does anyone know of a
way to do such a thing ?

   Jim Plusquellic (grad student)
   University of Pittsburgh
   Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

Wed, 27 Nov 1996 00:31:51 GMT  
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