PS file size problem, help needed. 
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 PS file size problem, help needed.

HELP!!  Am loking for someone who can shed some light on what
might be going on with one of our Ventura Publisher stations
running VP 4.2 under DOS 6.20 and Windows for Workgroups 3.11.  
One station out of seven consistently creates files that are huge
in comparison to the others e.g. 266,177 vs 2,338,222 from the
same source document.  Have ruled out downloaded fonts, etc.  Am
hoping someone can explain what the following clip of ps code
from one of the files is representative of.  The code was taken
from the %%PageResources section of the file.  Up to this point,
the file is identical to the smaller file.  A long series of
sections similar to the clip then continues on for some time. The
problem is only present with Ventura.  Corel Draw, Word Perfect,
etc seem to be ok.  It is also independent of which ps printer is
selected and which driver is used.  Have tried the microsoft,
adobe and agfa ps drivers. Any help you can provide would be
sincerely appreciated. Thanks much,   Duane Peterson  

(subject ps clip follows in next posting. wouldn't fit here)

Wed, 28 Oct 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
 PS file size problem, help needed.

(PS clip from typical file with size problem)
gs 7 66 13000 6749 CB
/bytestr 1 string def
/pp 1 string def/s 1 string def/rn{currentfile s readhexstring{0
exit}ifelse}def/unpack{/DC 0 def/BC 0 def{DC bytestr length
rn/BC exch def BC 127 le{/BC BC 1 add def DC 1 DC BC add 1
exch rn put}for}{/BC BC 255 xor 2 add def rn/pp exch def DC 1 DC
add 1 sub{bytestr exch pp put}for}ifelse/DC DC BC add def}loop
0 0 0 sc
save 13000 6749 translate 7 66 scale
%%BeginData: 67 ASCII Lines
7 66 false [7 0 0 66 0 0] {unpack} bind imagemask

Wed, 28 Oct 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
 PS file size problem, help needed.

Looks like a bitmap font. It could be a truetype font being converted or a
bitmap font without a postscript font. Try a no word page, then try a one
word page, then a two word page in different font on both machines, then
check file sizes. Also check printer driver versions for bad and good
machine. This is my best geuss with the little stub supplied

Fri, 30 Oct 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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