Importing .ps files into MS Windows aplications 
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 Importing .ps files into MS Windows aplications

Greetings postscript Gurus!

I have a problem and need urgent help.

The problem is:

I have to import .ps files created by gnuplot and idraw into

Microsoft Word for Windows. I do that with the build in filter,

but I can't manipulate them. That is, I can't rotate or scale them.

I guess, what I need is a tool that loads .ps files, manipulates them

and is able to save them in .ps or any other form readable for

MS Word for Windows. Do you know such a product? It will be the

best if it is for MS Windows but, I could live with a Xwin version.

Probably there are other solutions. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Wed, 10 Jan 1996 15:16:26 GMT  
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