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 fax cover page in postscript

We bought a postscript printer with fax module (the apple laserwriter
16/600 fax) but the cover page that comes with it is not really
representative of the company's activities so we want to change it. Apple
tech says that you should be familiar with postscript to change their
cover page and then you can still not do a lot of variations with it.
I want a pretty cover page and I want it now! Is there anyone out there
that knows some application that can allow me to easily adapt these pages
or is there anyone out there who made such a cover page and allows me to
adapt his or her cover page. Or is there anyone out there that can assist
or give me hint on making such a page.
I can send some examples if necessary!

Ianus Keller
Industrial Designer

Fri, 28 Nov 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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