multiple pages on one page : REQUEST. 
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 multiple pages on one page : REQUEST.

I searched for the FAQ file at the pit-manager, but the `pub/usenet/comp.lang.postscript'
directory was empty.   I am having to post this on this group.

Is there a program in the UNIX domain, that converts a SIMPLE TEXT file into
postscript file that will print four TEXT pages (in small font; in whatever
font) as four quadrants of a single sheet.

This will essentially reduce the size of manuals etc.. by 1/4, while I can
continue to use the laser printer, without my privilage (to use the printer)
being snatched away for having printed large documents.

I have a constant need to print large text files.

I know of a share ware program called mpage (for MS-DOS based machines).  Is
there one such for UNIX machines.  Preferably, binary-executable versions for
the Sparcstation 1 that I want to use it on ?

Do you people mind if I request that responses be mailed to my account instead
of being posted on this usenet group ?

Seetamraju Udaya Bhaskar Sarma

Mon, 26 Dec 1994 01:53:06 GMT  
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