Display PostScript Availability (Summary) 
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 Display PostScript Availability (Summary)

        o Hardware and operating system

All Ultrix workstations -- both VAX and RISC. VMS eventually (soon, but
I don't think the date has been announced.)

        o Base windowing system (X, etc...)

X11. Current release is R3-based, R4 coming.

        o Compatibility with OSF/Motif under X?

This isn't really an issue -- DPS is an extension that effectively lives
at the Xlib level.

        o Availability of a user interface toolkit on the system.

Currently DECwindows and Athena. Motif coming.

        o Please also respond if you know of X servers for PCs or
          Macintoshes that support DPS.

uunet!decwrl.dec.com!allen writes:

Digital supports Display postscript on its Ultrix workstation
product line.

>    o Hardware and operating system

        DECstation 2100, 3100, and 5000/200 running Ultrix Workstation
        Software version 2.2 or later.  (These are the MIPS-based RISC
        machines.  Some VAX-based machines are supported as well;
        unfortunately, I don't know which.)

>    o Base windowing system (X, etc...)

        X11R3 (DECwindows).  Will be supported under X11R4 within a year.

>    o Compatibility with OSF/Motif under X?

        Yes.  OSF/Motif is currently available as a cost-of-media
        layered product; it will be bundled within a year.  All
        DECstations come with the OSF license at no extra charge.

>    o Availability of a user interface toolkit on the system.

        Yes.  Can use the DECwindows toolkit (the basis of the OSF/Motif
        toolkit) or the Athena toolkit.

>    o Please also respond if you know of X servers for PCs or
>      Macintoshes that support DPS.

        Sorry, can't help with this one.

Paul Gustafson of Adobe also called with this information:

Display PostScript is also available on NeXT, running NeXTStep, and
IBM RISC System/6000 running AIXWindows or AIX NeXTStep.

Kevin A. Mitchell                (312) 266-4485

441 W. Huron                     UUCP: ..!uunet!dlogics!kam
Chicago, IL  60610               FAX: (312) 266-4473

Tue, 06 Oct 1992 22:20:14 GMT  
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