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> I am using word for windows and printing my documents to a file
> using the LaserWriter driver. The file crated is than printed
> on a sun IPC running newsprint. The problem is that the print
> out doesnt have the right right fromat in tables and equations
> the underline is also not spaced right too.
> Is this a problem with the newsprint or the postscript sent
> to the Laserwriter and news print should be diffrent.

> Copying the file to the LaserWriter gives the right output
> and useing Pageview in openwin gives the wrong format just
> like the printed output

> Any help if welcomed.

We have seen the same problem here -- changing the PostScript driver under
Windows doesn't seem to make any difference; we have tried four or five
different drivers to no avail.

I know that NewsPrint is very particular about the PostScript it accepts --
it has to conform to the Document Structuring Standards defined by Adobe;
however, what's happening here seems to be a font problem or some such. Any
pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Peter Duffy.


Scotland.             |

Mon, 15 Nov 1993 18:00:57 GMT  
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