IBM character font wanted. (where). 
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 IBM character font wanted. (where).


>I have a mac and i'm looking for a postscript font of the IBM character set,
>so i can print out any "text" graphics.  I'd be nice if it could do some ansi,
>but that's too much to ask for.  So far i've just been using monospaced
>fonts, such as courier, and that does work, but it has a lot of special
>characters missing, like borders, etc...

There is a family, ISILGothic[-{Bold|BoldOblique|Oblique}], which,
unfortunately, bears an Adobe copyright notice.  Looks like a slightly
hacked Letter Gothic.  IBM distributes it with certain IBM publishing
products, and it's available at some commercial typesetters.  I guess
you'd have to check with IBM or Adobe about conditions of availability.

>So if anyone knows where i can find some postscript fonts for the mac (either
>this IBM font, or fonts in general) please let me know.

Have you checked out the ftp archive at

Fri, 18 Aug 1995 02:00:34 GMT  
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