PLEASE HELP: Does this conform to EPS standards? 
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 PLEASE HELP: Does this conform to EPS standards?

I have been working on a program to convert our company's graphics
files to EPS files so that they may be imported into applications such
as Frame.  When the EPS file is imported into Frame via "Copy into
Document", both Frame and the Openwindows server (xnews) crash.  I
have asked Frame technical support for help, and they agreed that it
crashed.  They then tried reading the file into Adobe Photoshop and
Illustrator on a Mac.  They both gave an unrecognized type error, and
their conclusion was that the file was not "standard" EPS.  My
question is why not?  From everything I have read, I am providing the
proper comments and avoiding the "bad operators".  Could someone
PLEASE look at this and see if you notice any thing bad.  I have
trimmed the code down as much as possible but still have enough to
crash Frame, it is about 90 lines now.  BTW, Pageview, Ghostscript and
IslandDraw can all read the file fine (actually so can Frame if we use
"Import by Reference").

Thanks in advance for any and all help,
Bob Mortensen                               Optical Research Associates
Senior Software Engineer                      550 North Rosemead Avenue
                                                    Pasadena, CA  91107
uunet!oracodev!bobm                                      (818) 795-9101

-------------- >8 Cut here 8< -----------
%!PS-Adobe-2.0 EPSF-2.0
%%Title: /home/helios/plotest/spotnrim.plt.1
%%Creator: Code V postscript Driver
%%CreationDate: Mon Mar  1 10:36:05 1993
%%BoundingBox: (atend)
%%DocumentProcSets: CodeVDict
%%DocumentSuppliedProcSets: CodeVDict
%%DocumentFonts: Courier
%%DocumentNeededFonts: Courier
%%BeginProcSet: CodeVDict
/CodeVDict where not { /CodeVDict 100 dict def }{ pop } ifelse
CodeVDict begin
/size 0 def
/TR  { translate    } bind def
/ROT { rotate       } bind def
/SC  { scale        } bind def
/GS  { gsave        } bind def
/GR  { grestore     } bind def
/M   { moveto       } bind def
/L   { lineto       } bind def
/RM  { rmoveto      } bind def
/RL  { rlineto      } bind def
/NP  { newpath      } bind def
/CP  { closepath    } bind def
/S   { stroke       } bind def
/F   { fill         } bind def
/CL  { clip         } bind def
/TXT { show         } bind def
/LW  { setlinewidth } bind def
/RGB { setrgbcolor  } bind def
/FNT { /Courier findfont exch scalefont setfont } bind def
CodeVDict begin
72 72 SC
0.1 0.5 TR
.006666667 LW
% ---- Begin EPS drawing ----
0.175 FNT
0.44 0.105 M
GS 90.000 ROT
(11:54:21) TXT
5 5 M
(Hello) TXT
%       <<< Many lines using L, M, S, etc removed >>>
0.073 FNT
/sym8 {/size exch def NP M size neg size RM
size 2 mul 0 RL size -2 mul dup RL size 2 mul 0
RL size neg size RM S} bind def
4.8 2.375 0.013 sym8
4.8 2.375 M
%       <<< Many lines using sym8, L, M, S, etc removed >>>
6.05 0.83 M
7.05 0.83 L
6.05 0.8 M
6.05 0.86 L
7.05 0.8 M
7.05 0.86 L
0.140 FNT
6.2 1. M
(0.00800) TXT
6.85 1. M
35 40 M
35 742 L
533 742 L
533 40 L
% -----End EPS Drawing -----
%%BoundingBox: 30 35 538 747
-------------- >8 Cut here 8< -----------
Bob Mortensen                               Optical Research Associates
Senior Software Engineer                      550 North Rosemead Avenue
                                                    Pasadena, CA  91107
uunet!oracodev!bobm                                      (818) 795-9101

Mon, 21 Aug 1995 00:46:47 GMT  
 PLEASE HELP: Does this conform to EPS standards?
My NeXT likes it fine, but suggests that the bounding box
is a little off (probably from your t{*filter*}, so I'm not
going to worry about it).

The only thing I see that may give some programs trouble
(and shouldn't) is that the BoundingBox is atend.  Try
moving the numeric one up top and see if it works.


Wed, 23 Aug 1995 01:53:16 GMT  
 PLEASE HELP: Does this conform to EPS standards?


> %%DocumentProcSets: CodeVDict
> %%DocumentSuppliedProcSets: CodeVDict
> %%BeginProcSet: CodeVDict

One small point (probably not fatal) is that procsets should be of the form

%%DocumentProcSets: CodeVDict 1.0 1

or something similar in all cases above. Try also to remove the comments
one by one and see what happens. Sometimes you can over-comment your code.
It will still be legal, but your apps are perhaps not implementing some
comments correctly. The only thing you have to have in your EPS file would

%!PS-Adobe-2.0 EPSF-2.0
%%BoundingBox: (atend)
%%BoundingBox: 30 35 538 747

Andreas Wickberg

Wed, 23 Aug 1995 05:48:03 GMT  
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