printing on network? 
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 printing on network?

Hi ! ,

I am new at ghostscript , and after some messing around , i got it a bit
working on my netowrk.
the problem is , that i print using gsview.
I would like it that ghostscript automaticly converts ps files to my
normal printer language (hp deksjet 500.

tell ya what is happening ,

i create a file called , open it in gsview , print it on my
created apple nt ii printer (like the redmon txt explained.) , and it
prints almost right (need to tell it that the paper is bigger than the
program thinks[) , but heck ! , it prints !.

now the funny thing ,
when i send a printjob (postscript format) to the apple II directly , it
prints a complete forest with ps language.
I am doing it just like redmon explains me to (i think) including typing
the djet.rsp file. , controlled the capital and normal letters in the
spooler etc.

b.t.w. some info about network ; 2compus pt 166 1 hp deskjet 500 on
compu 2 , ghostscript on compu one , printer is shared for the network.
using allading gs 5.10

would like to know what to do , or better a command line to put in the
redmon window for a hpdeksjet 500 , cause the one i now have , doesn?t
seem to work

thnx !

Wed, 27 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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