Help on weird problem with HP4si? 
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 Help on weird problem with HP4si?

>I get a strange problem when sending certain kinds of
>postscript files to an HP4si.  The files in question are
>generated by DVIPS, and include the .pfb's for fonts not
>resident in the printer (Adobe Caslon).  What happens is
>that after several pages of trouble-free printing, all of
>a sudden the printer will introduce an arbitrary space,
>sending part of the line out into the right margin.  Then
>some time later it will introduce a corresponding 'negative
>space', doubling a line back over itself.   ...

Believe it or not, this is an arithmetic error in the Postscript interpreter,
apparently caused by some sort of compiler bug.  Talk to HP and describe the
problem.  We found this same symptom -- also in a dvips-generated file -- and
traced it to just plain wrong arithmetic.  HP promptly sent us a new Postscript
SIMM, without charge I think, and the problem went away.  (You have to send
the old SIMM back after receiving the new one.)

    Stuart Levy, Geometry Center, University of Minnesota

Thu, 10 Jul 1997 08:18:55 GMT  
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