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 Someone Please Help Me - I Help You in Any Software Queries/Programming/Coding

Hi ,

I can give you $45 to ask question(s) or post project(s) in the
largest site for exchanging software knowledge . I had completed an
image editing project there & got paid the sum . It was sheer luck .
There I was selected out of 27 other bidders . The site also has
payable questions posted , other than projects . It is mainly a
question answer type site . My problem is that , I have very little
knowledge to answer any other questions or projects there, as I am not
a professional programmer or trained to be so . The site allows about
$100 to withdraw the sum . So I am not having any way out to have the
sum .

I can give the sum ( transfer ) to anyone who would pay a portion of
the sum through , which you can use to ask questions / post
projects , or may be you can earn here also . You can email me too .
Someone please help me out .Thanks .

Very truly ,

Sanjay Das

Thu, 05 Aug 2004 14:45:51 GMT  
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